Statement of Sustainability and Green Policy

At Xplore Tenerife, we are committed to preserving the natural beauty and ecological integrity of the stunning landscapes we operate in. As providers of kayaking and biking tours, we recognize the importance of safeguarding the environment for current and future generations to enjoy. Our sustainability and green policy outlines our dedication to responsible tourism practices, environmental conservation, and community engagement.

Environmental Stewardship:

a. Conservation Efforts: We actively support and engage in local environmental conservation initiatives. We contribute to the protection of Tenerife's unique ecosystems by participating in beach cleanups, wildlife habitat restoration, and tree planting projects.

b. Low-Impact Activities: Our tours are designed to have minimal impact on the environment. We adhere to established trails and waterways, avoiding sensitive ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

c. Waste Reduction: We minimize waste generation by encouraging our guests to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also implement waste reduction strategies within our operations, including the use of reusable water bottles and containers.

Sustainable Transportation:

a. Promoting Biking: We actively promote biking as an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Our biking tours emphasize the benefits of sustainable mobility and reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional transportation.

b. Carbon Offset: Xplore Tenerife is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions generated by our business operations. 

Responsible Tourism

a. Education and Awareness: We educate our guests about the importance of responsible tourism, including the protection of local ecosystems, cultural heritage, and respect for local communities.

b. Supporting Local Communities: We prioritize partnerships with local businesses and communities, ensuring that tourism benefits the people and economies of Tenerife. We engage in fair trade practices and employ local guides and staff.

Energy Efficiency

a. Energy Conservation: We strive to reduce our energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment and lighting. We also encourage guests to conserve energy during their stay.

b. Renewable Energy: Xplore Tenerife is committed to transitioning to renewable energy sources wherever possible, promoting the use of solar power and other sustainable alternatives.

Continuous Improvement

a. Monitoring and Assessment: We regularly assess our sustainability practices and seek opportunities for improvement. Feedback from guests and local stakeholders is invaluable in our ongoing efforts to be more sustainable.

b. Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize the use of sustainable and locally sourced products in our operations, including food, equipment, and merchandise.

By adhering to this sustainability and green policy, Xplore Tenerife aims to be a responsible steward of the environment and a leader in sustainable tourism. We invite our guests to join us in our commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Tenerife while creating memorable and meaningful experiences in harmony with nature. 

At Xplore Tenerife, we are committed to fostering a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. We believe that every individual, regardless of their background, should have equal opportunities and be treated with respect and dignity. We celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences that each team member brings to our organization, and we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered. Through our dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusivity, we aim to create a vibrant and innovative community that reflects the rich tapestry of the world we explore and share with our customers.